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Booky Meme

Over on The Pickards Jack tagged me with this meme: just to hopefully give him the opportunity to demonstrate that some of his hobbies/interests are different to mine. The pressures on Which may be difficult because his choices actually include … Continue reading

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Writing a WordPress plugin part 2

When reading through the documentation of WordPress take one pinch of salt. Because not everything they actually say can be done, can actually be done. Plus of course you have to try and work out all the undocumented functions as … Continue reading

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Writing a WordPress plugin

A while ago I was asked if I could write a shopping cart. I had already started one a few years ago, but never finished it. So I began to go through the scripts and tidy them up ready for … Continue reading

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WordPress, bad behaviour and paypal

While coding a paypal shopping cart for WordPress, especially one that utilises Instant Payment Notification (IPN), be wary if using plugins that restrict access to WordPress based on IP address. Bad Behaviour is one such plugin, and if you don’t … Continue reading

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Making a bed

Lias Bluestone over on Live Journal took about 3 hours to make a bed. I have just taken 13 hours!

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paypal and wordpress

Recently I have been revisiting some scripts and trying to adapt them to use in a plugin for WordPress. This won’t be made available at the present time as it was custom designed for a friend, but I may look … Continue reading

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