I appear to have spent the last few months developing extensions for forums. Specifically FluxBB and PunBB. Both forums are based on the same code but are slowly beginning to diverge. FluxBB developers have decided to delay their release cycle and add more features and take the time to tidy things up. PunBB developers have decided to release what they have.

There is no doubt that FluxBB will be one of the better lightweight forums around when it finally gets released, but all the developers were part of the team that have said that it would be released before now! Their new Roadmap has put back the release of the new improved forum to the end of this year.

PunBB have released their forum. It’s better than a lot I have used and is mainly using code that was developed by the team behind FluxBB. In fact very little has been done since that team went off to FluxBB. They have tidied up pages that needed it, and have developed a few extensions. But therein lies a problem. I have seen their code in the extensions, it isn’t brilliant. It also suggests that this new team no longer have accessibility high on their list, which is a real shame.

However I am still going to use PunBB for now. If I have time I’ll rewrite their extension, but it’s javascript. My javascript skills are limited and I may not be able to re-write it effectively. So until that time I’ll have to go with code that isn’t as accessible as I would like.

My extensions, that I have actually released, are all available via

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