When nothing goes right…

Yep it’s been one of those days again.

A user found a bug in eShop, which usually isn’t a problem to fix but this time it uncovered another issue that had to be fixed. That then took 4 hours, for what should have been a quick 30 minute job.

The other day our shower rail broke, well part of the attachments did. I bought a cheap replacement off ebay. Today it turned up. The fixings were vertical, while the old one was horizontal. As I didn’t fancy drilling into tile it wasn’t a good start. Then it turned out that the soap dish for the new one didn’t fit well. So I thought just to be on the safe side I’ll check that the shower head would fit – it didn’t.

I’ve now, hopefully, have ordered a direct replacement for the shower riser rail, rather than an alternative. Ended up costing twice as much as the one off ebay – fingers crossed it fits!

I was supposed to be doing some outstanding work tonight, I think I’ll leave it until tomorrow. Just in case.

Spelling mistakes when writing this post: 15 and counting…

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