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I’m using PunBB 1.3 for the Irish Discworld Convention I decided to install the official toolbar, which you can see in use on that site, for adding bbcode to posts. If you test it out you can see that it doesn’t function as well as it could. It is also still present if javascript is not enabled. Not good.

So I set about trying to create a BBCode toolbar that is inserted unobtrusively, and is only there and functional if javascript is enabled. My starting point was to revisit the markdown toolbar I created some years ago. It needed a few changes and additions, and considering how bad my javascript skills are, I rehashed available code. This was far easier than trying to code from scratch – especially for the additional things I wanted added in.

3 days later I’ve finally managed to release a demo over on

With some changes to the necessary php scripts I would hope that this could be ported over to other forums fairly easily.

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