Ticketmaster charge to send an email!

Yes you heard me – they charge to send an email. They also make it incredibly annoying when trying to check for tickets. You fill in one form, then you have to fill in another (and thus breaking site functionality) with a captcha (don’t they know they are worthless these days?).

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They also charge to post tickets out, £3.25. Same price. But they are slowly becoming a monopoly for buying tickets, so can get away with the ridiculous charge.

Then they have the nerve to add on a Service Charge of £4.75 per ticket.

Overpriced charges like these do not endear anyone to them – but what choice do we have at the moment – looks like none, sadly.

Then the functionality of their seat check is so bad it is ridiculous. You can’t naviagte back because of that interim captcha page, which is annoying as hell – I have to refresh things several time just to decipher it. Then I find you can’t list all available tickets – just the ones they let you see – which means search after search after search.

If anyone knows of a way to purchase tickets from anywhere but there please let me know because I never want to use their site again.

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  1. Patrick says:

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