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Rants and raves


Whoever made the decision that MYSQL UPDATE’s can only be done one row at a time needs shooting. With INSERT you can insert multiple rows, why not the same for UPDATE? As you may guess I’m trying to optimise some … Continue reading

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Ticketmaster charge to send an email!

Yes you heard me – they charge to send an email. They also make it incredibly annoying when trying to check for tickets. You fill in one form, then you have to fill in another (and thus breaking site functionality) … Continue reading

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When nothing goes right…

Yep it’s been one of those days again. A user found a bug in eShop, which usually isn’t a problem to fix but this time it uncovered another issue that had to be fixed. That then took 4 hours, for … Continue reading

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Dentist hell

I am growing to hate dentists.

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Yet more UK2 spam

Some years ago someone I know left UK2, in fact it was around the same time that I left. Well with what comes as little to no surprise they have just received yet another email from them. Apparently sent from … Continue reading

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Blame the developer

Do not worry. Just blame the developer because you obviously didn’t make a mistake. Ignore all the evidence, the database backups, the time stamped changes, just blame the developer.

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